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About Us

Laura is an artist and illustrator. She makes her quirky and distinctive work through the medium of collage. 

Combining a keen eye for detail, a lot of patience and a steady hand, Laura painstakingly cuts up magazine pages to find the perfect colours and textures to create all kinds of garden and city wildlife.

Through the use of funny captions or, (most probably) a cheesy pun, Laura injects humour and aims to bring a smile or two to everyone who encounters her work.


Flying Teaspoons, is the result of hard work, passion and determination, and aims to carry on providing you lovely lot with lots more quirkiness, new designs and eventually more exciting products to choose from! Head on over to the stockists page to see if there are any local shops stocking Flying Teaspoons near you!

You can stay up to date by visiting her Facebook and Instagram pages for a more visual experience of Flying Teaspoon’s journey.

Did you know?

The phrase Flying Teaspoons is an affectionate collective noun for a group of Long Tailed Tits because of their round bodies and long tails, just like a teaspoon! (See the card ‘Hey You’ to catch a glimpse of these cute garden birds)

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