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Thinking Of You Week

This week, we are all encouraged to help spread some happiness and positivity and theres nothing like a handwritten card to do this with!

Have a gander at the flyer below and if you would love to take part then all you have to do is:

1) Choose a card from the Thinking Of You Week collection on my website

2) Enter code TOYW at checkout which deducts the whole cost of the card

3) Pay the teeny tiny £0.90 postage with Paypal

4) And wait for your card to arrive in the post! Send to anyone you like - it could be someone who needs a bit of TLC or someone who you would like to say thank you too - whatever the reason, you will be supporting a wonderful cause and making someone you love feel that extra bit special.

Thinking Of You Week Flyer - Send a Card, Deliver a Smile

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