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New Card Designs!

Okay, there's only 2, BUT not only are they essential card designs, they have both been hugely requested by customers and I am very happy to have them finally ready to introduce to you all!

I do plan on creating more Thank You cards and Wedding designs, just like I plan to for the rest of my ranges, but hopefully these are a good introduction to 2 new occasions :) Once printed, I will add these to the website and will start selling them at my markets.

I have been asked in the past for personalised cards. I would love to be able to offer this service and I can to a certain extent... I get all of my cards printed via a printing company meaning there is a minimum run of 6 for each design. As well as this, I tend to only order when I need them as I have to take into account delivery costs. My thoughts are that I can let you all know when I am about to make an order, and I can slip your personalised design in with the order. The price will differ depending on whether you wanted to just change the wording, or if you wanted a completely new design. Here is an example of one I made a few months ago for a wedding invitation. If you would like more information on when I will be making my next print order please don't hesitate to contact me! The same goes for any information on my commission service. I love making your ideas come to life and creating something extra special so I take each request seriously and hope I can offer you something you are happy with :)


Laura x

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