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Psssst...take a look at these

Hi all,

So for ages I've had these designs floating around in my head but I've never really imagined them as part of my card range because they are a lot different to the animal designs. Cushions however... would be PERFECT for them. Many hours and paper cuttings later this is what I've done!

Each design has been drawn and then layered with lots of different bits of paper to get the different textures, shades and colours. It's very trial and error but the good thing is, if something doesn't look right, you just stick another piece of paper over the top! You can find the process images on my Instagram account here:

I would like to complete one more to make a trio of designs, and then hopefully I will be able to launch them at Home&Gift Buyers Festival in July!

I think they'd also look great as prints so thats something else to look out for. If any of you would like to get in touch and register your interest in buying one of these designs, either as a print or a cushion, or just to let me know of any other design ideas you'd like to see then please don't hesitate to ask! It'll give me a good idea about order numbers and what I could do in the future.

Stay tuned on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for more news!

Laura x

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