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Father's Day Coming Soon!

Unlike the last 2 occasions, I'm actually pretty prepared for this one! (Hooray for becoming a full time designer!!)

Father's Day is on the 18th June this year and I have 3 brand new designs all ready and waiting to be introduced to you. Check out the originals below!

The finished results will be arriving this week, so keep an eye out on the website. I've done something a bit different this time and actually made multiple versions of these designs with different captions. For example, I thought the owl would also make a brilliant Happy Birthday Dad card! I will also have "Happy Fathers Day to my Grandad" on the owl and pigeon designs - so lots of choice this time around!

I hope you like them, and I look forward to seeing your reactions at my markets.

My next market is on the 27th May in Middlewich. Following on from that is my usual Rode Hall market and I am attending the brill Sunday Supplement market in Leek on the 4th June!

Thanks for all the support guys,

Laura x

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