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New Year - New Occasions - New Designs!

Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you've all had a lovely time celebrating. Thank you so much for all the support you've given me so far, from buying cards from my craft fairs to liking posts on social media, every little helps a great deal :D

So much has been achieved in the last 6 months, what with securing a place at the British Craft Trade Fair, designing a range of Christmas cards and winning extra funding for Flying Teaspoons (!) that I can't wait to see what's going to happen in a full year!

I've included a few images in this post to show what I've been up to, and upcoming designs to look forward to.

After a trip to a card shop the other day, i noticed that ALL Valentines Cards are now on sale... this scared me a bit as i only had older designs ready for print! So the last 2 images are here to prove to you that yes... i have now started designing, and they WILL be ready in time for all those who celebrate it.

I'll keep you posted on progress! I'm currently booking crafts fairs for February, so please keep checking for my upcoming events.

Thank you!


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