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All Craft Faired Out

Tonight ends a busy weekend of craft fairs for me! I had Rode Hall Farmers Market in Cheshire on Saturday which was amazing to be part of, very festive and the smells coming from the food stalls were so tempting - if you're a foodie then thats one to look out for! Find their Facebook page here:

And today i attended the biggest Sunday Supplement market in Leek, Staffordshire, with over 80 stall holders taking part; carol singers, buskers and Santa all joining in the festivities. It was far too cold though! Definitely need to pack some wooly socks next time, theres only so much warming up hot chocolate can do! Check out their Facebook page here:

They released a live Facebook video earlier taken of each stall holder. I was the lucky participant to be first one up... and was taken completely by surprise hence me not knowing what to say!

Look out for more of my upcoming craft fairs on my social media pages.



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